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Krasnogorsk-3 Frequently Asked Questions - The K-3 FAQ

Q: Can the K-3 take 400' film loads?
A:  No, 100' only. There are no larger magazines available.

Q: How much filming time is a 100' load?
A: Just under 3 minutes. 16mm film is 40 frames/foot, and 24 frames per second. It works out to 2.78 minutes, or about 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

Q: Should I get single-perf or double-perf film?
A: Either will work fine in the K-3. For super 16mm, you need to use single-perf film. The extra image area goes where the sprocket holes are on dual-perf film.

Q: What is a "100' Daylight Load"?
A: A 100' roll of film on a spool that you can handle in 'daylight'.  I don't think it's possible to get a non-daylight 100' roll.  They are all daylight loads.

Q: How do I load the camera?
A: Check out the videos here.

Q: The film I got warns "Load in complete darkness" ?
A: You can safely ignore that warning. Don't load in darkness, the chance of mis-loading is very high. Load indoors or in the shade and you'll be fine.

Q: Can I shoot my breakthrough independent movie with the K-3?
A: Not without a lot of creativity!  The K-3 sounds like a sewing machine when running, and is too loud to shoot sound footage.  Also, with the 100' film length, you'll be running out a film a lot. It's generally easier to rent a silent-camera.

Q: Does the sync-motor make the camera quiet?
A: It does make it a little bit quieter, but it's still too noisy to shoot dialog unless you are very creative, or use some kind of blimp.

Q: Where can I get a blimp for the K-3?
A: Shove your K-3 in an old parka. Shoot out an arm. Or E-mail Remove the KNOTSPAM for the correct address.

Q: Is the image extremely stable?
A: Yes it is.

Q: What other lenses can I get besides the one it comes with?
A: The zoom lens it comes with is of extremely high quality and will suffice for just about every shooting situation. Any Pentax-screw mount lens will work on the K-3, so you can get a lens for a 35mm SLR camera and use it on your K-3.

Q: If I use a 50mm camera lens what will be its focal length on the K-3?
A: 50mm. A 50mm lens is a 50mm lens. The focal length doesn't change.

Q: How do I remove the lens?  It's a screw-mount, but it doesn't unscrew!
A: Use both hands. It will come off.  Turn very hard.

Q: My K-3 doesn't work!  What should I do?
A: Check to make sure it's wound (remember: counterclockwise and turn firmly).   Still doesn't work?  About half the time, if you remove the front of the K-3 and poke around in the exposed gears, a dead K-3 will spring to life.

Q: Is the K-3 a color or black-and-white camera?
A: Depends on whether you use color or black-and-white film.

Q: Where can I get my 16mm film processed?
A: See here. First link on the page has 16mm processing labs (mostly in NYC).

Q: Where can I buy 16mm film?
A: See this page here for 16mm film suppliers.


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